Gemini Miner (Custom Mining Rig)

This is a custom mining rig I've built, which I've decided to call my "Gemini Miner", because it implements "twin" motherboards.

It basically consists of two Biostar TB250-BTC motherboards, 4 power supplies and a custom fabricated backplane that supports a total of 12 GPUs.

The supplies I've used to build the chassis of my rig design are all commonly found at your local hardware store.

The mini-shelving unit I used was a sturdy, but inexpensive wireframe I found for only $20 at Lowes. I also purchased a 4'x2' sheet of high-density 1/8" particle board that was very easy to cut, drill and paint. I used it to create the two base panels to mount the motherboards and power supplies. Then, I used the rest to fabricate the backplanes to attach 6 GPU risers on each side to allow for mounting up to 12 GPUs vertically. I drilled 1/8" holes into the backplane to attach the riser boards using 3mm bolts with washers and locknuts.

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- RJ Pope

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